Work on transcriptions of interviews for the book continue. About 107 pages so far.

Also hoping to meet with Hometown Bank in Kent, Ohio to discuss what homeowners can do to get through mold problems and the expenses thereof within the context of putting off house payments for a few months. Small banks seem the most understanding and willing to assist the homeowner.


From interview #1 with (the late) Dr. Jack Thrasher PhD…top academic expert on mold

Interviewer: My first question is this…you’ve had so many opportunities to talk with people about problems with mold spores in their home…what would you say are a few of the things you see over and over again that people don’t understand…that you’d say, “Just to begin this topic, let me say these are a few things you need to understand about what’s really going on with mold spores in the home.

Dr. Jack Thrasher, PhD: Well the first thing they do, is that they rely upon the Industrial Hygiene Association’s statement that all you have to do is indoor air molds, or spore counts. Bullshit.

That spore count is only done for 5-10 minutes, once…it is not what’s going on 24/7 in your home? OK.

What is going on 24/7 in your home? Most spore counts don’t identify the species of mold, and there are some key species that are present in a water-damaged environment that are not in your undamaged environment, such as aspergillis flavus, aspergillis pneumococcus, aspergillis niger, aspergillis sadowii, stachybotrys chartarum, chaetomium chlybosm…these are not normally found in the outdoor air in great quantities, but they are found indoors right on your materials.


And we then we have to look at what is constituting the mold…what is the extent of the infection.

I always ask…“Did they check your HVAC system?”

No, they just looked up there; they said it was clean.”


Transcriptions of interviews for chapters featuring experts…to be included in the new book MOLD SPORE WARS…WINNING THE BATTLE WITH MOLD SPORES IN YOUR HOME!…are proceeding now. The book provides information on how to get mold out of your home, including tips on mold remediation, and how to tell if there is mold in your home in the first place.


Author Paul McHam and co-author David Kettlewell of the new book MOLD SPORE WARS…WINNING THE BATTLE WITH MOLD SPORES IN YOUR HOME! are currently transcribing interviews with experts the calibre of the late Dr. Jack Thrasher, PhD, for the book.

It will cover mold in the home, how to remove mold, and signs of mold.


Being written now.




Paul is working on a new book covering all you need to know about MOLD IN THE HOME, MOLDSPOREWARS…

Being written now.

Covers how to determine if there is mold in your home, and how to remove mold.

The book is designed to be a tutorial for those concerned their home is infected with mold spores, and explains:

  • How to determine if your home is infected with moldspores
  • Will they just go away?
  • Can they hurt me?
  • Can I remove the moldspores myself?…and how to do that if you choose to do so
  • How professionals do the job
  • The equipment professionals use, and why they use it
  • Finances, impact on house payments
  • Who will pay for the mold remediation
  • Will it affect what you can sell your home for?
  • and more



Paul McHam (author) is one of the leading mold spore remediation experts in the United States today, and co-author David Kettlewell actually survived a serious mold spore problem in his home…where Paul oversaw the remediation.

Together they’ll provide the information you need to solve the problem and provide protection for you and your family.