UPDATED 8/21/17


UPDATED 8.9.17

You’ve noticed I’m an administrator on Paul’s Facebook Group here, and I’m working on his new book with him…here’s my personal story…a horror story as I see it of mold…but the good news is Paul was there to help…
About 2 years ago, my home was infected with mold spores, due to a more wet than normal spring. There was no visible mold anywhere, but I started getting very sick…read very sick…respiratory problems, angina, light-headedness, and worse I won’t mention.
I called a woman friend and told her “I think my house is killing me.” I started living at her place.
I was right, I called Paul and he came out to test. Dangerous levels of mold….worst in the basement.
Being dumb and tight for cash I tore out all the basement organic materials myself…wearing full Tyvec suit, organic cartridge respirator, and gloves. I could not work more than 17 minutes or I’d get sick to my stomach…and by that I mean puking green bile on the lawn.
I never should have done that work as I didn’t have negative air pressure equipment, and I was far too sensitive to all.
Then I got smart and hired Paul to do the mold remediation, which now had to be done whole house as the mold spread.
He de-spored the house with natural compounds and cleaned everything. Correct ventilation in the attic was installed. The finished basement was all gone…down to the concrete block.
All in my home that was organic: my books, music, clothing, jackets, socks, underwear, towels, furniture…ALL had to be thrown away…I think there were 33 huge leaf bags out front, all full.
I was so sensitive to even dead mold (developed hypersensitivity) and the offgasses of the former mold, I had to wait months until I could move back in.
Sometimes after remediation, if the individual is very sensitive, the mycotoxins and nanoparticulates which are byproducts of spore respiration will need time to dissipate.
Finally, 6 months ago I moved back home. I’m doing ok now.
Paul and I stayed friends, and now I’m involved in the mission of sharing info on mold by posting on his Facebook Group (here), building his Youtube Channel-AIRXPERTS, and helping with his website-MYAIRXPERTS.COM
My advice…get professional help immediately. Do not remediate yourself. Get out of the house and stay out until it’s safe. You can replace everything other than your health.
Thanks Paul!!!

Paul McHam and David Kettlewell are currently working on the book MOLD SPORE WARS…Winning The Battle With MoldSpores In Your Home.

The book is designed to be a tutorial for those concerned their home is infected with mold spores, and explains:

  • How to determine if your home is infected with moldspores
  • Will they just go away?
  • Can they hurt me?
  • Can I remove the moldspores myself?…and how to do that if you choose to do so
  • How professionals do the job
  • The equipment professionals use, and why they use it
  • Finances, impact on house payments
  • Who will pay for the mold remediation
  • Will it affect what you can sell your home for?
  • and more


Paul McHam is one of the leading mold spore remediation experts in the United States today, and author David Kettlewell actually survived a serious mold spore problem in his home…where Paul oversaw the remediation.

Together they’ll provide the information you need to solve the problem and provide protection for you and your family.