It sounds like science fiction…an invisible intruder attacks your home—infecting everything, ruining everything, and making you sick. What could be worse?

Because I have personally survived MOLD SPOREWARS in my home, I can say that fighting the battle with MOLD SPORES was one of the most horrible experiences in my life. And it was not science fiction.

I remember too well the times I fell to my hands and knees in the front yard, staring at the grass and retching green bile due to overexposure to mold spores on days I was pulling affected materials out of my home (or the day–no less emotionally challenging— that I had to throw my entire book collection and my favorite clothes, including my green down Mountain Hardware I got on sale into the trash).

My sincere apologies for the above horrible image—the retching. Naming the horrible image is important to communicate in no uncertain terms that Mold Spores are extremely dangerous. They will change you, your home, and your life in life-threatening ways.

MEDICAL WARNING: Mold Spores don’t just attack your home; THEY ATTACK YOU. They are able to penetrate clothing, go through skin and eyes, and enter your bloodstream through your lungs or ingested food. Just a few minutes of research online on your part will inform you, “That ain’t good.”

Worse, far worse—mold spores emit invisible mycotoxins as part of their respiration or life processes, and these are very dangerous indeed, creating nausea, respiratory illness, and in some cases, heart disease and even cancer, as they can alter your DNA.

Serious stuff.

If your home or commercial property is infected with mold spores, you will soon realize that you are in a WAR with MOLD SPORES. Like any war, you want to take measured steps to win.

I wish I’d had this book, MOLD SPOREWARS…Help To Win The Battle With Mold Spores, years ago. It is a phenomenal resource which will provide you much of the information you need to craft a winning strategy and see it through to victory. The book provides answers from experienced pros to many of your key questions, including:

– How did the spores get into my home?

– Will the problem get worse over time if I do nothing?

– What do I need to know, and do, to get rid of them?

– Is my health and health of my loved ones at risk? What about my pets?

– Can I do the work myself, or should I hire it out?

– How do I know when I need to involve professionals?

– If I choose to do the work myself, how do I do it safely as possible?

– What assistance can I expect from my homeowner’s insurance?

– Can I stay in my home during remediation?

– What do I need to know to keep the spores from coming back?

The severity of the consequences of Mold Spores in your home or commercial property has a lot to do with the decisions you make right now. Note that Mold Spores are not a stationary target; they grow and replicate every day they’re in your home, so the problem gets worse.

On a personal note, I didn’t have much money and had to do much of the mold spore remediation myself (all the tear out of affected home parts.)

But I had a fortuitous stroke of luck. I met Paul McHam, a seasoned mold spore professional with certifications galore, and he helped me understand what I needed to do, provided me a free report, and helped ensure I did the work safely.

And through this book and his videos on YouTube and website, you can meet him, too!

At all times, remember: SAFETY FIRST! You can get another house, but you may not get another chance at health.



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