(Past and Present)   

Background:      Over Twenty-three  Years involved in Indoor

                                Environmental issues through Environmental Assessment

                                and Consulting, Mold Remediation, Crystal Meth Lab

                                Cleanup, HVAC System application, Environmental Duct

                                Cleaning, and Crime and Trauma Scene Clean-up.


                                Over Sixteen Years involved in the design and sale of

                                HVAC system and system components for residential and

                                commercial application. Includes the completion of many

                                design and load analysis courses through the Carrier

                                Corporation. Much of the training involved Indoor

                                Environmental Quality and some was concurrent with the

                                IEQ above.


Certifications:       ASCS – Air Systems Cleaning Specialist through NADCA

                                             (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)

(Past and              VSMR – Ventilation Systems Mold Remediator through

 current)                              NADCA  (National Air Duct Cleaners Association)

                                  CEI –  Certified Environmental Inspector through EAA

                                             (Environmental Assessment Association)

                                 CMI – Level 1, Certified Mold Inspector – Level 1 through

                                             IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards


                                 CMI – Level 2, Certified Mold Inspector – Level 2 through

                                             IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards


                                CMR – Certified Mold Remediator through IAQA (Indoor

                                              Air Quality Association)

                                   CIE – Certified Indoor Environmentalist  through IAQA

                                              and AmIAQC (Indoor Air Quality Association and

                                              The American Indoor Air Quality Council)

                   HAZWOPER – HAZMAT technician from New Environment, Inc.


                                  CML – Certified Meth Lab Contractor for crystal meth

                                               lab cleanup through UT (University of Tennessee

                                               at Knoxville)

                                  WRT – Certified Water Restoration Technician from the

                                                IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning

                                                Restoration and Certification)

                                 AMRT – Applied Microbial Remediation Technician from

                                                the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning

                                                Restoration and Certification)

                                     RRP – Lead Safe Renovator through Success Enterprise

                                                & Environmental Services

                 Lead Abatement– Lead Abatement through Success Enterprise

                                                & Environmental Services

                                     CTS – Crime and Trauma Scene consultation and clean-

                                                up by trainer Don McNulty, Bio-Clean of America

                                   FSRT – Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician through

                                                 IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and

                                                 Restoration Certification)

                                   CIEC – Council-Certified Indoor Environmental

                                                 Consultant (The American Council for

                                                  Accredited Certification)



Environmental     – “Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Tactics” via Fort

        Education:       Knox, Kentucky (Ohio Army Reserve National Guard –

                                  Officer Training)

                               –  NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association training

                                  courses, including:

                                  –  Introduction to HVAC cleaning

                                  –  Installation of service openings in HVAC systems

                                  –  Mechanical cleaning of non-porous air conveyance

                                     system components

                                  –  Understanding microbial contamination in HVAC


                                  –  Hand and power tools

                                  –  Confined space entry

                                  –  Control of hazardous energy – lock out/tag out

                                  –  Hazardous communication

                                  –  Fall protection

                                  –  Respiratory protection

                                  –  Ventilation systems mold remediation


NADCA conference 1999 – three days training

NADCA conference 2000 – three days training

NADCA conference 2001 – four days training


Additional education:

Phase 1 Air Quality Testing – INX Corporation

Building Air Quality – EPA, NIOSH

Healthy Indoor Environments, University of Tulsa “How to deal with a mold infested building”

Mid Atlantic Environmental  Hygiene Resource

Center and University City Science Center, “Mold Conference

American Institute of Respiratory Education

CMI and CMR Training from CMICI, Inc.

Air Quality Testing – IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organization)

Mold Remediation – IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)

Environmental Assessment – EAA (Environmental Assessment Association)

Certification for Indoor Environmentalist – IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)

Certification for Crystal Meth Lab Clean-Up from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Hazardous Materials (40 Hour HAZWOPER)

Water Restoration Technician training by IICRC (Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification)

Development and delivery of “Indoor Environmental Hazards” three day training and workshop for the Ohio HVAC Industry and for delivery as a seminar to Cleveland State University Continuing Education Department.

Participated in National Workshop for Healthy Indoor Environments with United States Surgeon General – Dr. Carmona, January, 2005

Member of IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)

Member of AmIAQC (American Indoor Air Quality Council) – now ACAC

Member IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Association)

Member local “Cleveland Chapter” of IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association)

On the “Board of Advisors” for local “Cleveland Chapter” of IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Association

Member of NORMI (National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors)

Associate Member of NASHI

Has served as an “Expert Witness” for some time now and continues to be a source of information for a number of attorneys throughout the area

Positions: Board of Directors – Mold Across America (501-C3, non-profit)  

Developed and delivers a class for Continuing Education for the Real Estate industry for Clandestine Meth Cleanup (Clandestine Meth In Real Estate),  (The Straight Scoop On Mold), (Blood And Trauma In Real Estate), (Why Buildings Make Good People Sick), (Sprucing Up For Spring), and (Human Health Effects Of Mold).


Owner and President: AirXperts, LLC (AXLLC) and Combined Environmental Solutions, Inc. (CESI)     

 New Jersey Mold Symposium – Secaucus New Jersey 2013       

 CIEC Certification – “Council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant”