Here’s an interview Andrea Fabry (founder of MOMSAWARE.ORG, mold in home consumer advocate) did with mold expert Jack Thrasher, PhD…

It’s well worth a listen; Dr. Thrasher explains about the health hazards of mold and bacteria from water infiltrated areas of the home, and explains the lesser known but equally troubling mycotoxins and nanoparticulates which are extremely dangerous to your health.

The late Dr. Thrasher, who passed away in January of 2017, was considered the top expert in the world on mold spores in home issues.

Again, Andrea has a chapter in Paul’s upcoming book, and Paul has 2 interviews done with Dr. Thrasher prior to his death, which will be in the book.

Many of Dr. Thrasher’s articles are available on Paul McHam’s website, MYAIRXPERTS.COM under the link up top ARTICLES.